How to get out this nasty addiction

I have a very bad unspeakable habit which is not addicted to porn,I love to watch ladies secretly and fap my dick while watching without letting them notice me. Somebody please help get out this weird addiction.
I have never done sex,also I’m 23 years odd without any gf


If you do not watch porn…well good that you don’t.
Yo should practice no mo( masturbation and orgasm)
That’s all buddy…
Keep going :pray::pray:

We cant help u buddy , its u who can help yourself . Focus on your goals, if u have this habit , dont go out of home , dont use social ,media for weeks… U have to sacrifice to achieve something,Do meditation and exercise daily …


It depends on the context. Could you tell us more?

Bro don’t do this, FIGURATIVELY (Don’t beat your meat) .

But do this LITERALLY when you get the urge. (Beat your meat with a real Hammer) :joy:Lol

I’m kidding. Don’t do these. Browse this forum there are hundreds of queries and solution given by the users, read them you’ll find useful. Implement those solutions that works for you in your journey and follow it strictly. Hope you make it.

All the best.


Yes,we have a washroom upstairs, from where I can see my neighbor’s balcony. There is a lady who usually comes in the balcony for drying her wet hair after bath,I get so turned on by her long hair,I just wanna play with them, To get my sexual tension away,I fap while watching her drying her hair

Dude @Roads_to_purity delete this comment. Please :joy::sob:. Don’t get into graphic details. It might make people to fantasize what they read.

Well, we have sexual desires and we grow into adulthood to have sex. Well I wanted to say get a girlfriend, but yeah not such a very effective solution. ( Also kinda [email protected]&@* up) :sweat_smile:

Well, then you have identified the places where this does take place and also roughly the time it happens when the lady dries off. Just avoid looking out the window or going to your balcony at that given time. Do something to avoid getting back on the balcony or watching through the window. Do something like your hobby ( build legos or read ) :sweat_smile: idk but you get the idea.

If you wanna be on the balcony that bad at that time blindfold yourself. Or shift you :eyes: to the sunrise or sunset or the view( except of the lady).

Focus on other stuff whilst you are there! Even photographing the sunset or whatever (except for the lady ) perve :laughing:.

No offence and seriously as mentioned by @Dean_Ambrose you have to focus on your goals and come up with solutions rather on staying stuck like this. What works for me might not work for you and probably you’ll definitely not like to just go for a cold shower when you are horney on the balcony.

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!!

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Thanks mate !!
I will try to incorporate the ideas