How to get busy at home?

I’ve been reading from a lot of people in this app that getting busy is the best thing to avoid PMO, but the problem is i am very lonely in my home and no one’s watching me, I have drawing skills but i don’t want to stay too long in my room because it has high risk of failing (i relapsed many times in my room) I’m pretty good at badminton played it in school with my friends but since I live far away from my school i have no one to play with. I have a console in the living room but i don’t think that’s the best idea.


First of all stop worrying about relapsing.
Just try to focus on things which u can do while enjoying it.
When u start enjoying Little things and get busy with it your focus will automatically start shifting from pmo to other important things in life.
Also make sure u dont watch porn or any adult content at all.


Here are 101 things to do besides relapse. Some of these things might seem like you can’t get yourself to do them or that they are too difficult or even too simple… the thing is, you need to just do something. Anything!
The more you start doing simple things to take up your time and focus, you will begin training your brain to find fulfillment and amusement in other things besides the dopamine rush of PMO. And you have to start somewhere.
Like @roxor said, let yourself stop worrying too much and start doing something else. The more you worry, the more you give energy to the thing you are worrying about. For goodness sake, worry and make a mental plan and think about it, but then put it in its place. Put it away to the side and open up and create your future. The thing is, you can do it! You are designed to be able to do it. You have to start somewhere, and that somewhere is NOW!

A little accountability helps also. Why don’t you write out 2 things to try and do each day for the next 7 days. Even if you TRY to do it, that’s a start! Feel free to report here and let us know your progress! :slight_smile:


This list was fantastic. I read through it all and will definitely be back to reference it. Thanks for posting!


Hey, if it helps, it’s my pleasure!


Hey @needhelppls and homies that liked that 101 things post, I wanted to let you know that it inspired me to write a bigger post and I included that on it in case you want to have a look :v::

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