How to fix precum problem

Hey guys, now a days i face another problem along with urges is that, whenever sexuall stuff come to my mind i start having precum which makes the urges more intense. I think my sexuall part is weak . Can i strengthen it?

Well, buddy it is normal that you release pre-cum since you don’t do it through fapping.

The thing whay you can do to lessen this. Is doing kegel exercises and exercises like sqauts to strengthen the pelvic muscles.

Other than that try your best to avoid any sexual thoughts. Sould you have them destract your thoughts.

Since you are still young and doctors these days are up to shit as they might just prescribe meds for you or tell you to masterbate more. Or wanna treat you for ed or premature ejaculation as it kinda has to do with nerve damage in you dick too and we don’t really want treatment for something that does work right( just the issue of pre-cum) this will also go away if your streak increases.

Obviously don’t edge or peek as edging might lead to pre-cum. Peeking will just give you bad thoughts and arouse you and same happens as with edging.

Good luck and stay strong and awesome !