How to find a challenge partner?

I’m new here (second day) an want to find a challenge partner for at least 19 days.

I don’t understand how this system with these sharing codes works. Can someone please explain me, how I can join someone who searches a challenge partner or how someone can join me?

Sharing code - t2exua

Current streak - 1 days *
Highest streak - 18 days *
Age - 44
Gender - M
Location - Switzerland

Why I want a companion - I believe that in companion we are more motivated cause of responsibility and we can share our experiences and help each other.


@manuel.1976 You post just like this and people respond who are willing to be your partner in NoFap. 19 days sounds good, so let’s do it.

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Hi Bro…as @Ash_Matt said having a challenge partner or companion will be motivating you to boost your moral towards completing the streak.
We are with you. But your sharing Code is showing invalid,pls review it.

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Thank you, now sharing code is Ok.

I accept the challenge :muscle:
19 days, no pmo, no edging, no peeking :triumph:
Let’s do this!!
My code : uxriod

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