How to fight urges?

I know all the strategies for fighting urges, and they sometimes work. But sometimes I’ll get an urge and no matter what I do, the urge is still there after many hours of resisting it. I’ll get an urge and then pray, and I still have the urge, then I’ll walk and I’ll still have the urge, then I’ll read and still have the urge. How can I stop these urges from persisting so much and for so long?

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This is from my personal experience… Even i used to resist urges by doing something else like watching a movie, reading etc… But at night they used to come back always…
I read somewhere that instead of resisting the urge try feeling the urge… Understand what your body wants you to do from the urge… Sit comfortably, close your eyes and just feel it… So instead of resisting it you will positively experience the urge and hence it won’t be stored in a way to come back later…
I recommend you to try the urge feature of this app where in it recommends you to do the exact thing i mentioned above
Hope you succeed in fighting your urges


If you get those urges again and again then it means:

  1. You are alone most of the time(no parents around mostly)
    2 you are free most of the time which makes you start thinking (empty mind is the house of Satan) are not taking this seriously. were too much addicted to porn

These were my personal reasons

  1. Make someone your companion whom you can freely share your feeling about your situation…do competitions with them…I suggest to make companion in real world but if not you don’t have any one then no worry here in this app also you will see people with strong will power and had defeated their addiction .
  2. Daily do prayer or meditation
  3. Talk with many peoples daily for starting days
    ∆∆4👉.dont aim for benifits get ready for fights with your urges…not once twice or thrice but many more times until they(urges) start loosing and yes this will happen believe in this

All the best bro…#bealion​:lion::lion:

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Command the temptation to leave like this, “WICKEDNESS, OUT!!! Jesus, I Need Your Strength. Thankyou For Helping Me.” and “GOD, HELP!!!”

I am on Day 19. I have done this dozens of times. Believe in yourself. God believes in you☺

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