How to fight flatline?

I relapsed on my 75th day of Nofap. I was going through the flatline phase and having stress on my mind. Then my mind tricked me and I relapsed. I always relapsed in flatline phase. Need your help guys😢.


Do something that fascinates you, for example if you like long ride go for it, spend time with friends and family, watch a movie, do anything that will help you feel better other than PMO. I know it really tough but we have no other choice, remember darkest hour are just before dawn.


Had a flatline few days ago, maybe I’m still going through one, idk it hits me like tsunamies… What I did is literally I went to my car, drove nowhere and listened to Miles Carter poem’s on youtube. I accepted my feelings and emotions, observed them and analysed the core problem. After I stopped judging myself and found peace within me, I went back, slightly more hopeful. Days ahead are brighter.


Thank you guys for your kind words. It will help me alot. You know being an introvert it sucks man, I don’t have my parents they passed away. Now I’m living on my own, each day life becoming hard day by day. I just want to quit from this pathetic life.

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Look… Brother…
Don’t take stress at all… It will happen that you won’t be able to do the normal stuff, always there would be boredom, sometime you will be raced… Whatever happens let it happen…
Don’t take stress… Reminds yourself that you are doing this for your better version of yourself…

If you will take stress your mind will just give you one option and this is relapse…
May it help brother…


Brother don’t fight against flatline.
Be happy and proud that you have achieved the phase. You may feel emotionally wierd now and wonder what is going in, but it’s a passing phase.

You have the ride the waves. The best surfers ride the waves, not fight them.

Accept this and move on. See how you can be productive and helpful even in flatline. Focus on helping others be happy and you’ll find yourself happier.


Hi Bro,
Read the Soaring Eagle e-Book (chapter/season 4).