How to embed youtube video?

Maybe stupid question, but… How to embed youtube video in post? I tried commands that I use on other forums, but they don’t work here. What is this forum based on? HTML?

Just paste the youtube link and the forum will parse it and create an embed for you. It’s based on markdown (with added features) which internally gets converted to HTML.

Edit @Hubinho Sometimes it can take sometime for the task to get executed. Forum is underload currently. I am doing some maintenance work.


How many likes can i give in a day? Because from yesterday, i am getting notifications that i have reached the maximum amount and it tells me to try after few hours.

And thanks @Taher for this forum. You are going a good job. Thanks a lot.

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Your trust level is 2, you are entitled to 75 likes per day.

Okay. Thanks for the information.