How to deal with temptation

Today I have learned something very valuable. On a Sunday morning, RIGHT BEFORE I relapsed I was experiencing doubt, sexual thoughts, temptation and LOTS OF IT. After I relapse like before you will regret it and you will feel lots of shame and guilt but I realized that I was just gonna do it again and again and again so there was no reason in telling myself that I’m not gonna do it again. This is when the lord came into my heart and taught me something very valuable. When I went to church that Sunday morning after my pastor read us a verse he showed us a video. It taught that the devil is going to tempt you in a way that he makes you think that the fap is more better than what God has done for you in your life and the temptation is far more powerful in making you not able to see the effect of fap, meaning that the devil is gonna try his hardest in tempting you and not letting you see the effect of fapping. In conclusion the devil is blinding you from being able to see that you will regret it and the good part of not faping, HE JUST WANTS YOU TO SEE THE DISIRES IN IT. And that feeling that tells you not to fap, THAT IT THE HOLY SPIRIT TELLING YOU NOT TO DO IT. The devil wants you to fap but he doesn’t want you to see the effect of fapping until after you do it and then you’ll feel misery, guilt, shame, regret and you have fallen for the devil again. And thats when you say that your not gonna do it again but he tempts you again into thinking that it’s only gonna make you feel good and you do it again and thats where pmo comes in. God is trying to give you a path out of temptation and when he does give you a path, he gives you a choice, and your choices are to feed in to the temptation or run away from the temptation. And you just have to run away from it, you have to force yourself to run away and listen to your felling thats trying to tell you not to do it because that’s the holy spirit telling you a way out.(James 1:12-15 – The temptation that springs from man – "Let no man say when he is tempted, 'I am tempted by God, for God cannot be tempted with evil, and he himself tempts no one, but each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. ) that is true and has been cited from the bible, also for those wandering about the devil. The devil is the tempter ON HIS PART and when you decide that you wana fap and give in because of your disire, the devil does his thing and temps you.


Thanks for the text.
The worst for me is the feeling after you sin. Even when you pray and ask him to clean you and forgive it’s very difficult to keep normal and follow with that things in mind. It takes too long to I get up and try to continue, but thanks to the holy spirit I’m seeking to abide in His grace.


Your welcome and if your having any trouble with your urdges just go back to that text

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Super bro I will try it

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