How to deal with nightfalls

Ok when you are on path to quit pmo, nightfalls are like uninvited guest on this journey. You have made your body a habit to ejaculate regularly due to pmo. When you stop pmo, the body is confused that why did he stop this I have made semen to ejaculate but he is unwilling to release it ,what should I do with it?
As a result our brain remember the porn we used to feed it and based on that it creates a horny dream that would create an illusion for us to ejaculate.
People fall for this illusionary trap sub consciously as in sleep and wake up with semen wasted.
Now scientist says it’s pretty normal to have. Well we are on a path of mind control against pmo and we can truly achieve its benefits if we can control nightfalls also in some way.
Few tips that help to fight nightfalls are
For body
Do not sleep on your stomach as it will cause your penis to rub on bed unconsciously which can cause ejaculation. Pro tip sleep straight on your back it’s hard but it will definitely help you to control a wet dream.
Urinate before going to sleep
Avoid spicy foods and over eating.
There is a herb in India called as shatawar to cure this problem but only for those who are getting it daily.
Do yoga asana like pranayam and shirsh asana
For mind
You used to feed your brain with porn so it uses it as a weapon against you. You need a new weapon against the brain now to fight back it’s nightfall attacks. This new weapon could be anything like feed your brain with your goals, passion, holyscriptures, for me it’s the regular forum interaction, something that turns you off from pmo whenever brain tries to trick you in sleep, you should just remember about the new weapons you created against it.
Mind is a strong entity itself, so when you are hardcore in no fap, it’s only wish is to turn you down. To defeat this you need to learn meditation as it may allow you to go in real depths of your inner mind and to know your problems better. This is optional as it is for self awareness.