How to deal with flatline

Hi everyone !
How would you characterize having a flatline period ? And most importantly,how to deal with it ?
For the last 10 days, I am experiencing sort of annoying,less motivated,less energetic,also sometimes having headache. it was also pitching me to watch a erotic contents,and feel.good about it. I know it’s a trap that my own mind is playing with it.
Is it possible that I have hit my flatline period given that my current streak is 35 days ?


It is flatline my dear friend.

Tension not. Please stay strong and keep with what you are doing. Why not try Wim Hoff breathing technique, check in YouTube. It will help you pump adrenaline in you body and you will feel great.

These will help you stay away from erotic content. Stay productive and rewire your brain for normal life.


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