How-to deal with failure in getting your dream job?

This is not related to PMO,or even close to it. Yesterday I got the news that I have been rejected from getting my dream job. I had made very big dream associated with that job, I wanted to badly get into that job. But God has no plan for me,I was rejected :sob::sob:

It broke my heart so much that I literally felt the pain in my chest,and as a result of which I didn’t able to sleep last night.

I’m in mid 20s ,and I don’t have a job at my hand now. Sometimes I curse my life and my addiction to m**. While in college days, I used to fantasize a lot about s** , although I don’t have had any gf.

I was crazy as lunatic,I didn’t utilise my time properly and now I am paying the price for it.

Guys of my age has job or is in good relationship,their gf posts their well wishes in social media, hugging their bf or kissing him.

I’m on other hand,no one wishes me on my birthday except 2 to 3 close male friends

I wish I had understood my situation at that time. Also I am preparing for govt jobs,and this pandemic has messed up everything,no new notifications are being published.

I wish I had utilised my time in getting a gf and invested myself into studies.

It’s not that I’m desiring for a girl now, infact I think no girl deserve me :pensive::pensive:

All I want to say who r in college, don’t waste your time in watching shitty things,go out and make friends, be it girls or boys. Up skill yourself so that companies will fight for you to hire,not you have to fight to get into

Plz help me :pleading_face::pleading_face::sob:

I’m literally begging for your help :pray::pray:

This is the community where I can open up myself openly


I have a comment on this :slight_smile: As I’ve seen some life already, I just want to notice - there are no companies, that would fight for you (don’t have in mind exactly you, @Sumona I mean people at your age in general ) at your 20’s or mid 20’s. Because you’re young, have no experience, have no good knowledge, skills and many more things :wink: only thing what you have is youth. And might be your enthusiasm! Unless you’re genius, but in that case you would have been graduated from Harvard, or similar educational institution, that makes you desirable specialist. BUT! There are only several percents of these people! So - it’s good news! For us - average people! In that case, don’t expect you’ll become a superstar immediately after your graduation. You will be the one, who will fight for desirable company, at least for 10 years :slight_smile: and that is good! Because you’re interested in getting better! And @Sumona ,if you really want this job, don’t stop. I also wanted to enter one place, they rejected me. Then after a year or so I tried once again, but I realised I’m not good enough yet, and quit my competition test (because I didn’t work on getting better during that year). Now I am working in smaller company, that has the same profile, to get skills I need for that place, and have a plan to try again in 2 years, because even now I am better than I was when applied for the 1st and 2nd time. But I don’t know if I will want to go there, maybe I’ll find a better option! So, I encourage you, as you’re young-find a place that has the same profile but has lower standarts for their employers. Enter there. Learn there. And then shoot your best shot at your dream place if you still want! Don’t give up! Good luck!
P.S. I love this topic, I think it’s very good that there appear topics not only about PMO as it’s not our life. Nor this neither fighting with this should take that huge amount of our time, thoughts and other resources. And we should focus ON LIFE and all the issues, problems, achievements, joys that are brought with life! Stay blessed!


Thanks brother

I appreciate your time for replying me back :heart:

You’re welcome!
And I’m sister :hugs:


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