How to deal with distress? like.. sudden stress

Hello, I’m new here… so i’m sorry if i ask alot. I’ve been doing NoFap for four months now, and the farthest i can go is 56 Days streak, i used to do just two days to a week, then twelve to eighteen days, but the last 30-40 days has been… a hard time for me as i can only last for 3-8 days

Worst case i PMO’d 3 times in a relapse day… that was way back before i even tried NoFap in hardmode, so it’s irrelevant from what i’d like discuss, i just striked with a “punch in the guts” mentally, and for relief i go for porn…
Spent about 20-30 minutes, i didn’t really masturbate to it, but i know it’s damaging my rewiring progress, and i can assure you a mild headaches will follow.
Anyway, i snapped out of it… albeit trough sleeping, but i can very well understand that it’s so near…

At any rate, i resetted my counter…
just to discipline myself, i didn’t went for M even less so, O.

But, just in case i’ll face this kind of awful situation, any tips to relieve stress “properly” ?
(Seriously the dopamine works but it also give you a headpressing headache, don’t even try)


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