How to cure ED and general guidelines

Hey folks !

I was a frequent fapper,almost fapped once or twice in a week for the past 10 years or so but since 2020,the time around when I had joined RC. I tried very hard to completely get rid of it but couldn’t able to do ! At least this app helped me to decrease the fapping frequency a lot and now I fapped once or twice a month

My problem is that whenever I try to have sex ,I ejaculate within one -two minutes which is annoying for me .

How do you increase the ejaculation time to at least for 30 minutes ??


There is a lot you can do. Not knowing what you have or haven’t done makes giving advice difficult.

In general, exercis helps. Especially kegel exercise, as it strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor, which gives you more control and helps in keeping a steady erection. Often premature ejaculation stems from the inability to maintain an erection. You hold, cramp the muscle, often stop breathing and off you go.

So strengthen th muscle and gain control. Often it is difficult to get a feeling for the right muscle. A good exercise to isolate it is getting an erection hands free and maintaining it. When doing so you will get a feeling for the muscle. Memorize that feeling, and try hitting it when doing the kegel exercise.

Also, don’t forget to breathe, calmly. If you notice that you are holding your breath while engaged in sexual intercourse, start breathing. You can gain a lot of control by forcing deep and calm breaths.


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