How to control urges for me

Any ideas on how to control urges?

I am stuck in chaser and have been this way for a whole year.

I unable to succeed on my own.

I’m going to give you an answer. And I’m going to give you something that may work. Depending on you… I don’t know your situation or where you were at when you relapsed but here’s my advice… Stand up wherever you are at. And turn off your phone!! If you’re at home… Take a cold shower. At work… Walk around for 5 minutes and brainstorm about anything… That’s my absolute best advice… I’m currently working on more methods so I’ll update you on that soon!


My relapses as always happen when I’m in my bedroom standing at the corner of my bed.

So you relapse standing?


I stand at the edge of my bed and put my big E on the sheets and move back and forth. While looking at images of hot women or couples kissing.

Ok this is going to sound odd so bare with me… Try and do a handstand or a pushup or get your body uncomfortable in any way shape or form… And turn the fricken phone off… Also I have no idea what a big E is…

E stands for ERECTION

Sorry dawg I’m kinda slow today XD

It’s ok.

Yeah. I did good for the last 2 days not using my phone and then I felt like nothing mattered.

That my whole environment wasn’t interesting anymore.

I started using my phone and next thing I know, I’m standing and doing the relapse.

I’m kind of in your situation but I take a very different outlook on it… When I feel like nothing matters I decide not to relapse because later I will find out that something does matter… So when I get an urge I keep pushing through and keep looking until ilI hit something which is what I’m doing right now… Urges are signs of growth my man. USE THEM!! When you feel one this is a good time to go get that life that you’ve always wanted (This is me using third person dont take offense) Just your brain craving pleasure… So go find it and don’t spoil it…

Interesting perspective. I like it. When an urge hits, use it to improve.

I like it.

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