How to control urge when it comes?


All in the title, …

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Self awareness, optimism, belief in yourself and the lord almighty.


Figure out when the urge hits you. In my case it is when I’m already in bed and begin fantasizing or have nsfw flashbacks. What I usually do in that case is:

  • breathing in deeply through nose and breathing out through mouth like I was blowing a big baloon
  • saying yourself in thoughts “No, not now”, “No, not this time”, “I will feel like shit tomorrow”, “I will fap tommorow” also helps
  • usually urges go away after trying two ones, but if they are still there try to do as many pushups/jumping jacks/sit-ups as you can
  • if they are still there go to mirror, look at yourself, into your eyes and ask if you really need it
  • if you still have them take a cold shower
  • if you still have them take a walk or go for a run
  • if you still have them open RC app and open motivational image

If you still have them you should note when, where and how do you get them an take steps to prevent them. Usually I relapse by watching porn on phone, so what I did was

  • disabling default browser
  • installing Pluckeye browser (Spine Browser is good too), but Pluckeye disable images
  • block porn ads / websites and time wasting websites with Pornaway (needs rooted Android phone)
  • blocked Pornaway and Play Store from launching for 30 days to prevent unlocking hosts or downloading any other their browser