How to control social media and use it in healthy way?

Hi, every time I watch something, social media or something on TV, I want to watch more and at the same time not do anything else, and I can’t focus after, depletes my energy and motivation, I feel pressure on the front part of my head, and fug, like my mind is numbed,
I find my self opening my phone for no reason, scrolling down, for nothing.

When I’m a but tired I take it as a break, rest, hopefully to get back up and do something useful later, but I end up feeling more down. like social media/TV… Is mentally exhausting

I can’t delete social media, as I need to be present all the time, upload stuff and edit stuff, it’s part of my daily tasks for work.

Does anyone else feel like this?

Any guidance, how to use social media in healthy way, ?

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