How to control overthinking?

Since past many years I’ve been suffering from overthinking disease. Whenever I sit to study my brain starts overthinking to escape. Please suggest some remedies to disidentify myself from this disease.


There is no Quick fix Or Medicine.

The process is long… patience is must… Mind is fickle… It is afraid all the time…

Afraid that it can lose its control… it knows the Master can anytime dethrone him… and take back the control…

You are the Master…

Slowly… Slowly… Tame your Mind… hard work & patience.


I think you need to set some firm ground rules;

Your mental wellbeing
(&/physical - because it is connected)
= Always come first. Before everything.

You are important, because you can affect the world positively - people, relationships, work, study and everything around you.

So you must always always put yourself first, selfishy.
Once you become selfish, the important things stand out, the pointless things drift away.

Okay - that out of the way

I’ve struggled immensely with ocd, anxiety, sadness, depression (ie, exhausting myself to the point of letting go and loosing meaning)

What has helped me, and continues to keep me safe and climbing much more wisely day by day, is believing the above to be true, and living it.

Now - You have ‘thoughts’ which intertwine with ‘feelings’, and we also have our actions - the things we do beyond our thoughts.

It is important to recognise the distinction between ‘decisions’ and ‘fleeting thoughts’ because to tame the mind we need to come from a completely different angle, than the one that is failing us.
The One that says “It’s Tuesday evening - time for Tai Chi class” end of story. Go and do Tai Chi.

Having routines we “have to do” sets us up for combating fleeting thoughts. And using a different part of the brain.

We need to give ourselves new routines that go beyond our mind, like Tai Chi, meditative practices - Yoga, prayer, exercise, gym, and social activities in group environments (even cooking, playing an instrument, reading, learning a language) with purpose that give solid routine.

There should never be a question,
“should I/shouldn’t I?”
We make the decision and we stick to it.
We get ready, and we aim to be at that place on time /early if possible.

*You could learn Spanish for 30 mins as a hobby - yes it uses brain power, but it is not the same as something like study/work that have deadlines.

It only takes a small amount of thought to make a decision. And only a second to say “Yes, Fuck it, I’m doing it” - pack your bag, walk out the door and to gym.

You might say, “*yes, but I’ve gotta study. What can I do here and now?”

Like @Sahas said, there is no magic pill

You’ve either got to cope with it by finding a fresh attitude away from obsessive, random or fleeting thoughts - something firm, and concrete.
Or you’ve got to deal with it now, head on.

I firmly suggest the latter - and “fuck it” mentality.
Fuck work, Fuck study, Fuck stress.
“I’m going to flipping church - the gym - Tai Chi”

You are No.1 - your wellbeing comes first. Always.
The trivial, non-life-giving-back-to-the-world-stuff will diminish (your selfishness will become a giving back to the world)

If you build this routine of “Nope, fuck it, I’m doing what I need to do for me” -
Things won’t change immediately, but practicing it every week you will be on a good path regardless, and by default earn the honour of being more than your mind, but a dignified person who has principles.

You will be stronger than your mind, you’ll be able to say “Nope, fuck it… I’m doing such&such”… “fuck study/work for now, what I need is peace” and off to evening meditation class/yoga/prayer group you will be.
Or an early night - when ‘you’ decide.

When you work/study you’ll find yourself saying “Gym?”…
And instead of going,
you’ll say “actually I can do 30 mins more no probs, and then gym”

It’ll be routine to put your wellbeing first, and you’ll be able to tune out of stressful situations, and learn to deal with them without giving into a mental response.

Following decisions with action is just as habitual as overthinking.

I don’t know your situation and can only talk about what has worked/works for me.

  • put your wellbeing first
  • honour that decision with acting upon it
  • choose an activity involving time, place, people
  • make it habitual
  • drop what you’re stressing about and go to the gym, church etcetera
  • (I forgot to mention) - ‘drop stuff’ without guilt, and treat/reward yourself often.
  • Fuck it - I’m doing such & such

I hope you find a ‘new routine’ to take the place of ‘overthinking’


Meditation is a must, brother. It’s the key to control the mind. Search for mindfulness meditation. Learn how to do it, and do it everyday. I promise you that with that on your routine and with time youll be much better in every aspect of your life.


For me over thinking is pretty simple. It’s caused by anxiety, like ADHD. It’s a compulsive thing that isn’t fixed easily but can be fixed. Nofap generally helps but there may be something else in your life that your’e maybe addicted to or causing your brain to scramble.

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