How to conquer the urge to masturbate?

Everytime an urge to pee comes, there is an urge to masturbate since sexual images starts appearing in the mind. I have urge to urinate every 30 mins and i suspect of having urinary retention also. WHAT TO DO???

Wow I have been going thru same thing and lately seems like my urge to urinate comes on very fast and strong. So been doing sum research and there seems like to connection with frequent urinating and masturbating… this article is interested …I have been relapsing really bad lately but I tried going few days without masturbating and it actually helped my urinating problem a bit

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Very sorry to see that you’re going through this issue brother.

As @emoro0220 has advised, frequent urination is a result of masturbating too much. There are other people in the community suffering from the same symptoms. By stopping pornography and masturbation, you should start to see improvements after 14 days.

When the urge to masturbate comes, remember all the negative consequences of engaging in it. Tell yourself that you’re done ruining your health. Think of how much better your life will be without this addiction, picture it in your mind. The urge will fade away as you focus on this positive vision.