How to concentrate

I’m on day 20. I noticed that my behavior is much more aggressive and sometimes I feel so desperate especially while studying I can’t concentrate properly. I am feeling strong very strong attraction towards girls (and sometimes beacoz of this I may look like a creep ). I can’t ignore any girl. I remember earlier only the most attractive girl took my attention but now idk why I’m desperate af. It seems like girls are my first priority nowadays.
So help me how do I concentrate ,my exams are near and I can’t concentrate in studies for more than 30 minutes straight.
(This may seem like off topic but it is not. Before I started nofap I could actually concentrate better as of now.)


I can relate you to my situation :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
U r desperate…
Do you check out chicks walking down the road ??
If you want to channelise your sexual urge,then go for a long running and then do breathing exercises. Trust me it help to suppress the urges

Enjoy your sexual tension man…utilize this to achieve greatness

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Yeah man. It’s so hard for me. I’m working out and running daily. But that give only temporary relief and as I restricted porn and fapping totally the excessive energy and desperation is too much. Mind is unstable.

My mind try everything so that I can open porn but I never even open Chrome lmao :joy: and very less YouTube and instagram. Only while I’m eating or in evening. I can hold this but only problem is concentration.

What’s your age buddy?? Get a gf if possible :wink:

That’s also good bro, try Pomodoro technique, just repeat 25 or 30 minute sessions one after the other, in that way you’ll be able to cover up a lot just with 25-30 minute sessions.
And the fact that you are getting more attracted to women means your brain is rewiring, don’t give much attention to the these urges bro, meditate, take deep breaths whenever your mind tricks you into thinking about women.


19, I’m actually trying :joy: I can’t stay single. The temptations are so high. Although I have female friends but not a gf tho

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Thanks man. But I peaked today :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed: didn’t relapse but I sneaked into some porn pics,gifs and brief video. Although I didn’t pay much attention but I watched porn . And sneaked for 1-2 hour today.
Only thing that I didn’t relapse. I was feeling desperate in afternoon so I looked into it. After 19 days. But I promised myself never gonna open Chrome again. :triumph::triumph::triumph:
Energy and confidence is still same though bcoz I didn’t relapse. :relieved:

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I had gf in past for briefly ( not serious one.)

Good for you bro that you didn’t relapse. Whatever happened happened, don’t let it get in your head.
But I would like to warn you peeking is never good bro. Take deep breaths and meditate or go outside whenever you have any urge to peek or m* per say.

As per the saying there is only one golden rule for no fap and that is no peeking


Yeah ,I remember last time when I relapsed it was bcoz of peaking. So never gonna do it again.

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I want to share with you some steps

First : ask yourself about why you do this ?? Your answer will make insist to do this and put your goal of study clear front of you
Second : me too I was studying 1 hour or less and doing anything after it was not good for me .
Third : the technique of promodoro
It is going great with me I hope this idea will help you too but take it seriously .

Here is the link to know about what is the promodoro :point_down::point_down:

You can read this too



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