How to commit to schedule, and start studying/working,, help?

hey guys , since we are here trying to build up good habits and control our life, as part of our fight against PMO. I need your opinion in this…

I plan my days, i write schedule , but when it come to doing it, I just can’t. If I start studying, give me 5 minutes Ill be asleep . It’s even harder for me to wake up when I know I have alot to study, so I put some music to distract me, lift my spirit, and decide to do one thing I love when I wake up.

I have alot of studying to do, but I’m failing to study 4 hours, which is a joke, how do you study? any suggestions?most important How to start ?


U can use deepstash app… It has bunch of practical ideas…

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@The_wild_perception thanks I’ll check it

@JonSnow001 thanks alot, it helps

I tried most things, ill try again,
I think I need to change the way i study, ans where i get the materials, but not willing to risk since I already have a gap need to fill.

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I’m the worst
I slept early last night, 10pm, did put my phone away, woke up 5am as plannedz had very light breakfast, tried to meditate , to listen to some music, I felt a bit better, then thought what do i want to do before studying, Couldn’t think of anything, I got back to bed, slept from 6am to 9am, woke up just to do an assingment due to tonight, I can sleep for 20 hours a day and still feel sleepy, unless I drink coffee :confused:

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