How to Change username?

Is anyway to change username(not the name)?

Go to your profile by tapping on your profile icon (the circle with the letter). A menu should open. Tap on your username and it should take you to your profile page. From here, select the box that says “Activity”. Tap it and it will expand and you will see a box called “Preferences”. From here, you should see a field labeled “Username”, with your current username below. Press the little pencil icon next it to change it.

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I saw it before but there i can change Name and Profil Picture, not username, i cant see option for that

It should be the top option

Maybe you are confusing the option to change name with the username, your user name is Mr_Limbo, can you change that?

Yes, I can. I changed it from something else

I cant do it, i have field to change name but no username .Is here some admin to ask? Could be becouse android version or somthing like that?

if u want to change ur username then i think u have to do it within 2weeks after that that small pencil icon beside the username vanishes!

Ok thanks for the info

Also you can’t change your NF Companion username. The forum one you can. So you still need to login with your original username in the forum and your original username will be showed in “My Companions” section or the community section of the app.

So is it possible to delete the account ?

Yes, send me a pm if you want to.

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I’m new, so I can delete my account if I want to, right?

Yes, you can delete anytime

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Can you please tell me how? I am bit scared of my privacy, that’s all… & some stuff…