How to beat the relapse cye?

I’m off of porn since like 50 days. But what’s bothering me is my masturbation addiction. It’s really messing up my life. I can’t focus on my studies and I’ve got extremely important exams coming. I don’t know why but I relapse often after like 8-9 days. Any help would be appreciated.

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Yes, I can understand it is hard to get rid of it but believe in yourself. Please don’t skip it and read completely . As psychology says people always do something for reward( reinforcer) or not do because of punishment. Your brain is insisting you to do this shit because it is getting relief(i.e.Dopamine). Moral of this thing is Instead of researching external motivation ( external reinforcement) try to search internal reinforcement so that you won’t be disturbed again and again. Just try to work on it and do introspection. A few minutes introspection ( you can try meditation) will keep this shit away for whole day. I may have written this thing because I’m currently doing better and this habit is reviving me. I’m sharing this today because I’m seeing you in trouble. Don’t forget yourself in this hunger of short term relief. See yourself what you want to become. Learn from failures. Stay happy. Bye.


I totally agree with you brother. First off thanks for the advice. Yes I’m in trouble but I think things like meditation will help me through it. I’ve tried it too. It did work but I stopped after some time. Although I’m gonna make it a compulsion now. I believe in myself. God bless us.

Go for Full Hard Mode.
All or Nothing.


Once you hit over 7 days of nofap you start to get alot of energy pent up down there. And because we are used to of masturbating are energy away that energy is not used to of going upwards your spine. So what you should do is called sexual transmutation, search up on gabe dawgs videos specifically sexual transmutation #6. He explains it better on youtube, theres 2 types of urges, craving urge to watch porn, and sexual tension urge to fap. Your most likely experiening a tension urge when everthing sort of feels sensitively down there. Try it out man, it helped me alot, i literally felt the energy going up my spine, then afterwards I didnt feel like fapping at all.