How to be true to Yourself?

I was struggled a lot to get out from PMO because it is very hard to Control.

There are many solutions to control urges but nothing worked for me and if it is same in your journey then this article is only for you. There are some solutions to control urges that not worked on me:-

  1. Meditation
  2. Hardwork nd busyness
  3. Cold shower
  4. Reading Books
  5. Healthy diet
  6. Exercise

We promise ourself that we would not masturbate or release semen but our promise get failed.

We also failed if we promise with someone else that i will not masturbate at all from now, since they can’t see us and they can’t stop us so We find another space for doing and tell them lie that we are on our streak.

Since no one is seeing us - so how can we control ? The Question arises - How to be true to Yourself?

You need a Guru that you can’t lie with…
If you can’t find a Guru then admit that God is your Guru…nd i think - if you promise with God then there is no wall between God and Us. God is seeing us Everytime and everywhere we go.

If you have real love for your guru in your heart then it is impossible to break the promise.

It is my personal experience - and i am continue to my streak without uncontrollable urges.

I hope this post will help to all on this Rewire app to control Urges.

If you have any question then you can directly ask me on my Instagram

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