How to avoid urges

Hello brothers, hope you all are well.
This is my 25th day, now a days, my mind is telling to watch something and not to masturbate, I know that is a big trap,
I want to know how I can cut off these kind of thoughts fully also whether any of u had such thoughts during these period


U are on day 25 , u tell how u tackled urges and reached 25 DAYS ?


What helped me is to remind myself that the stronger and more painful the urges the closer I was to rewiring. If I managed to convince myself to not even look at a photo then I felt like I was taking 1 step closer to fully rewiring. Also I know from personal experience that photos eventually lead to videos and then edging or pmo so don’t fall into the trap!


Hey @pewerneeded

Based on my personal experience, I would say that urges start on a mental level. Triggers like stress, boredom, a woman showing cleavage, a woman in tight pants, random sexual ads on the internet and various others are always going to be there. Those triggers only create urges if we allow them to, mentally. Picture it this way: a guy who has a 1000 days NoFap streak does not spend his whole day hiding in order to avoid triggers nor does he “fight” urges the whole day. He is not using willpower. Instead, he is aware that PMO is garbage and superficial sex does not provide real pleasure. Knowing that, from the very bottom of your mind, NoFap becomes easy.

More on this topic is mentioned in this book:

Take care.


When u get urges just come here and post something … like I’m going right now :joy:


@Bashi not only that, even the words you just wrote are potential triggers :roll_eyes: xD

but fap? We don’t do that here