How to avoid relapsing while being in a lockdown alone due to the pandemic?

I started with a 2 week streak, but I had a weekend with nothing to do but work, and the urge was to strong. For moments it’s seems that there is no reason to keep going because there’s is nothing outside,
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To Covid.
*How I avoid relapsing if there is nothing else to

I think I tried to many things at once, diet, meditation, avoid masturbation, and a little excercise while working from home alone.

Something’s it feels like it’s too much what I’m trying at the same time, sometimes it feels like it no where near enough to get better.

How do I find the strength, the discipline, the motivation to get better while being locked in my house with no contact.

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Everybody is in lockdown, everyone is in the pandemic. Still we have people getting 100, 200 day streak.

Completely unnecessary. Is that the only purpose in life?

Start small, always do enough to be satisfied. Just do a little bit more than you did yesterday. 1% increase everyday.
Also, reward yourself bruv. That was a mistake I made. Don’t cut off all the supplies of gratification. Set rewards.
Like if I complete all my study targets for the day, I reward myself with 30 mins of mindless gaming.
Figure out what you need to do bro.
You can still talk to neighbours and stuff. Just get out of the house even if you think you have nothung to do. Just walk around, talk to the first person you see, start very small. Like ridiculously easy first. Then 1% increase. Within a month, you will be amazed how much you made progress I promise.

Organize your confinement, plan each day to ensure that when it is over, you will have changed so much that people will no longer recognize you! :muscle:

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