How to avoid non-veg?🥺

Can anyone tell me how to avoid it? It is really difficult for me to avoid it.


Why do you want to avoid if you like it

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I wouldn’t bro. Ever.

But if you want to, Its like usual addictions. Stop it, motivate yourself regarding keeping that lifestyle, cravings do come and find a way to say no. Figure out why you want to stop it and keep reminding yourself why you want to succeed in it.


Thanks bro.

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In Poultry industries, they inject steroids in chicken which make them fleshy and chubby and it causes man boobs and extra fat. Sometimes it leads to white hair in young age but fish is great, you can eat it and we consider it as veg.

But why would you wanna do that! I’d kill myself if I ever be a vegetarian :joy::joy::joy:

Well , I am a vegetarian. One year ago , I started eating only eggs because my friend recommends it to me . I continued eating them for 4-5 months. My family has no problem if I eat them or not. Although my whole family is veg. But later , for spirtuality I gave up on them.
Now since lockdown , I am avoiding packet foods and junk foods too . I only eat homemade food now and rarely street or junks .
I want to say that giving up non-veg won’t be that much difficult for you ,If you get disciplined.


Same here… It’s very difficult to eat only veg. Even by knowingly,I had fish and yesterday night got nightfall

In France, we have a very rural history so it’s not uncommon to still have very local market with farmers that don’t use any pesticides / fertilizers for their grain etc and that don’t feed their poultry and animals with artificial and harmful chemicals.
The best I would say is to make your own plantations of potato etc and your to raise your own animals for consumption, that way you are sure of what you eat and what you feed them, you can also choose how you treat the animals, the best would be with respect and tradition.


@CarnetDeBordMore C’est tres bon avis, mon ami, but we’re in India and my bro here @StealthChopperinbond probably lives in a city :joy: so this kind of pleasure is unhear of. But I agree, my dad doesn’t like to eat non-veg in India, only outside India he likes to eat it :joy:
Of course, I don’t discriminate and eat chicken whenever I can

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Your idea is good. In my grandmother’s house we have some plantations of nuts and we practice pisciculture but in city it is impossible.


Hello @StealthChopperinbond

I’ve been reading a book on mindfulness just lately and there were two sentences that I found quite interesting. The theme was how illusions keep you trapped and the book said:


The book mentions how these things transfer to addictions (PMO, food, etc.) and lack of mindfulness. How does this relate to your situation? It’s simple, let me explain.

People who are “used” to eat a “standard” non-vegetarian/non-vegan diet have a couple of illusions manifested. The learning of those illusions starts very early on and is enforced by authorities throughout the way. Those authorities are either money interested or lack the knowledge because the field is not well studied (actually it is but some refuse the facts). To see what I mean, I’ll throw some sentences at you and pay attention on how these work both for PMO and eating:

  • Although “perhaps” it’s better not to fap/eat meat, everybody does it so it’s okay for me to do so too.
  • Other people say they don’t eat meat/fap that often so they can be healthy still. It’s all about “balance”.
  • I experience many problems because of me eating meat/fapping (perhaps I’m not even aware of those problems) but it is my crutch/pleasure/manhood.
  • Only pussies do not fap/eat meat.
  • Your friends all tell you, that you should eat meat/fap because you “need” it.
  • Nobody gets harmed when making porn/meat/eggs/dairy.
  • I only eat meat/fap to porn from responsible sources, so it’s “more ethical”.
  • My doctor says I should eat meat/fap because it’s good for me (yet the doctor does know little about the topic).
  • There’s research out there showing that it’s better not eat meat/fap it but seemingly 99% of the people do it regardless. How does not everyone know?
  • Don’t eat meat/fap and other people will call you extreme.
  • It’s so hard to life a vegan/NoFap life! Quitting is such a challenge!

The beautiful thing is, once you realize that (porn/meat/dairy/eggs) provides you “nothing” you actually need, is not a real pleasure (just a cheap dopamine hijack) and is very easy to escape, you will escape that trap and trust your intuition.

Take care.

If you think I’m shitting you, just imagine going to a round of men and tell them “I dont’ want to PMO anymore”… you’d get similar responses as you did now:


(just swap vegetarian with fapstronout here :wink: )

not to finger point or blame anybody, just saying that there are massive similarities and escaping both traps can be done in a similar manner. Just food for thoughts.


Dude you just made this personal… Very personal :expressionless:

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Just to be clear, none of your points make any sense and I disagree with all of them. I have counter points for all your points but it’s too much to type. But I’ll leave you with this. Humans have been eating all kinds of meat since the beginning of humanity. Historically, humans were Hunters first and became farmers much much later. So yea, being a meat eater is not an illusion manifested into human minds by money making industries…
Meat is an excellent and a legitimate source of protein and protein is essential for a healthy balanced diet.


@GOVIND-19 I accept your point of view and I’m fully aware that trying to control/influence/convince others, regardless if it’s over the internet or not, is futile.

I intended to layout examples and a different point of view for @StealthChopperinbond to think about, since he asked for advice. Like others have stated here: depending on the mindset, change becomes easy. Anything else goes way beyond my scope here.


I think vegetarian and non vegetarian…both are right… And there is no single correct mode of eating for humans. Humans can adjust to any available type of foods available… If all there is meat to eat then non vegs will die and if all vegetables are available then meat eaters will die… This happens in animals… But not for humans… This helps humans to survive when other species don’t. We humans are apex predators and can survive on anything.

But I must say, every type of food has a limit beyond which they are unhealthy.
If you eat only vegetables rich in oxalates then you will get kidney stones and if you only eat meat then you will get increased uric acid and pain in joints.
Also some food are more healthy than others… Vegetables in large quantity and meat in less quantity should be eaten by humans.
There must be a correct ratio of food that is best for humans and it must include all types of food including both vegetables and meat.

Conclusion…You eat what you like to… Your health is your own matter😂

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Also… Food and physical activity are co related… You can live healthy with more vegetables less meat and moderate exercise
But to live healthy with lots of meat… You need to do extreme exercise just like our ancestors whose routine of whole day comprised of hunting, running and surviving.

In today’s world… With today’s mode of physical exercise… A balanced diet with 60 % vegetables and rest meat, diary and fruits is best.
Unless you are a boxer or wrestler and need to gain muscles…then u need lots of protein and meat

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I’m a vegetarian boxer, it’s not hard to gain weight. Just have to eat a lot to keep up with the strenuous workouts. It’s the same with or without meat, you just have to research and find foods high in protein (beans, nuts, tofu, etc.) to replace meat.


To those who are against vegetarianism/veganism, do understand that it can bring many benefits, environmental and ethical, or even health-wise for some people.

I am meat-eater myself, but some stumbling around the net has lead me to some simple facts that even I have to admit, doing without meat is far better in many ways. If you don’t want to read through the pile I wrote, here is a video for it. Simply just skip to the ending of my post after this:


  1. Many animals produce manure and waste gases that lead to global carbon emission increasing. This easily contributes to a lot of global warming.
  2. To raise an animal, you have to use a certain amount of land to grow the crops that are needed to feed it. Think about raising a cow that takes years to raise. How many hundreds of pounds of grass and amount of land does it need to eat before we eat it? For the same amount of land, we can grow a large number of crops (rice, corn, vegetables) for our own consumption, and it would feed even more people.


  1. Many people choose to eat meat even with many nutritious meat substitutes available (there are exceptions, but few), and the reason is simply because meat tastes better. And we know that in most farms, chickens, pigs, cows are mistreated, locked up their lives only to be killed to be served for humans. If you had the choice of mistreating an animal for the pleasure of your tastebuds when there is clearly another choice, would you do it?
  2. “But animals aren’t smart enough. They don’t understand pain as much as we do.” Does that mean they don’t understand pain at all? There are humans born with defective nervous systems, and they aren’t able to feel pain. Would you kill those humans for meat if their meat tasted good? I wouldn’t. And I know no matter how less pain animals feel, they still do feel pain, and few farms we know treat animals in healthy ways. Even in those free range farms, how many people find it okay to be fed their whole lives only to be killed to serve when there is another choice? If in a country, healthy humans are painlessly killed for their meat to be served deliciously to you, while it is completely legal within that country, how likely would you eat it? I hope we can all say no.

“We would feel hurt to see animals dying from eating plastic bags, but we would pay to get them killed? As a meat eater, I am question myself.”


  1. For some people, many forms of meat, or at least the common ways it is cooked, makes it unhealthy (deep frying, etc.) It can be healthier to eat meat substitutes, like soybeans, beans, chia seeds, etc.

Sure it sucks. There are companies that are working on making tasty meat substitutes affordable to all, but without being tasty, I think we can all find the reason to reject harming the environment, putting animals to pain for it.

I am aware that I am still a meat eater. But I think that even if we can’t let go of eating meat, I think it is important to be aware of the harm it brings, and to support those who go for vegetarianism/veganism. I hope this helps.


I just quit like nothing
It doesn’t bother me
Not eating it is the key