How to avoid Edging as its only reason for my fapping


I tried no fap journey with many unsuccessful attempts. Each time i failed in my journey was due to edging. So , please guys help me out of this addiction. Since i join this unbelievable forum my desire to watch porn has gone completely. Thank you so much…
Highest streak - 21 Days
Last relapsed - 23-Apr-2018

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If you know edging ends as relapse, dont even start to think about it. Its actually more healthy to relapse than to resist it for a long time. Edging weakens your superpowers even if you dont relapse and its aganist your bodynature.

I would just put in mind that edging=relapse and there is no other way it will always end in the same way- relapse. If you edge in your case you just decided to totally jerk off, remember that


Anyway, I heard that later in the long run you will get yourself on something like constant micro-orgasm feeling and its like edging in total safe and controllable manner. Its like, orgasming with relapse is nuclear bomb explosion, while orgasming with nofap and noporn (and nosex - personal opinion ) is like a nuclear plant


The below opinion is mine and saying because lot of people may have differing arguments.

The real question is what do you want?
If your goal is to last longer in bed( already do min 5-10 minutes and dont have premature ejaculations), having multiple orgasms as a guy, then Kegel exercises, jelqing and edging are your tool.

If your goal is healthy lifestyle, better physique, PMO, low energy issues, porn, have focus, list goes on but essentially finding a way to channel your energy properly in a constructive manner no-fap is your tool.
Thats why edging is a definite no while doing nofap, also include thinking about girls, porn, sexual stimulation. This is hard mode nofap and it requires you to build that mental strength else you’ll not last longer than 2-4 weeks.

On a side note if you manage to do 30 days make sure you get to 60 as the most benefits will come in 30-60 days. Essentially you are over the phase of sexual urges and emotional highs and lows, of course it depends and for some it may be 45-90 days.

Good luck!


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You should give up edging immediately. Edging is worse than ejaculation itself. Edging makes prostate swollen, that causes infections which could lead to prostatitis, urinal tract infection etc. It will be very painful in the long run. It’s better you avoid edging, it’s very dangerous. Why am I saying this? I’ve been through it. And it is the worse burning pain you can imagine. Sometimes that infection spreads to bladder as well.

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Yes edging deffinatly hampers nofapp. When I have nofapped for days in the past I was still edging up to 7-8 times a day. Thus led to eventually ejaculation and sheer regret and deep sense of failure. Today I am on 11 days but to be honest I have been much more self disciplined I have been edging once every morning as soon as I awake and tempted only in the mornings . The edges are lasting for 20-30 seconds then I don’t edge again at all. I am trying to quit that brief edging moment too once and for all.