How should one celebrate?

Hey fellas! Tomorrow I will reach 30 days of nofap so I want to reward my determination and persistence. But I can’t decide how. Maybe you could inspire me. Do you celebrate your mile stones? What did you do? And if you object that celebrating is dangerous nonsense I agree. But I feel that in my early stage of nofap I need to have some small treats you know. Thank you for sharing fellas.
Goat’s out.


Life is a celebration in itself if you have a clear consciousness & awareness
Everything around us is a festival, we all are playing in this big playground of Life


That is a very good thing… that you treat yourself after every milestone… What I did was I went to a restaurant and had a great meal with my family…


I normally eat loads or ice cream on a diet day and watch SUITS on my tab while eating that icecream😂

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