How nofap can help you achieve success.?

Hey…let me tell you something…
Most of us here are suffering from serious pmo addiction. We all want to q. And all of us want to be successful in all fields of life like financially ,health, relationships,spirituality,etc.
Now we all have heard the stories of successful person in various fields, whether it be bill gates, warren buffet, sachin tendulkar or ms dhoni. Whosever is successful in any field, they all have some basic qualities in common. They all have following qualities.
1-rock solid burning desire and determination
2-strong willpower,
3-self control
4-ability to face failures
Now the most amazing thing is that all above qualities like willpower, self control ,awareness, etc. can be build by practicing them and training them, just like you build muscles in a gym.
Now just think that being able to quit the addiction will require how great practice of these qualities.
Think how much determination it requires to delete all the videos in your mobile.
How much willpower and self control it requires to close the porn sites and focus on your work.
And think you willhave to face how many relapses (failures) but still you will not give up.
And how much awareness it will need to just watch the urges calmly and not reacting on them.
So we all have a great opportunity for building these qualities.
If we would be able to be quit our pmo addiction , we would be able to be successful in any field we want to.
This is another and one of the most important reason we all should go for nofap. And perhaps most overlooked also.
Let me know your opinions in reply.


That is so true!! If we can overcome this we can do anything, and we can overcome this, thru God’s changing power in our lives (I’m sorry if affend anyone, I’m a Christian and I have a hard time covering it up, so sorry not sorry :slight_smile: ) but what @choprasherlyn02 said is so true if we can obtain the character traits that will help us overcome pmo, we can use those to overcome anything and achieve anything!! We can do this!!

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