How much time does it take for the brain to heal?

I know we are liable to fall back after quiting for ages. but how much time does it take for the brain to heal. to reset.

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It depands on the strength of the habit.
I have masturbated for 11 years continously.
So i do not think my brain would heal in just 90 days.
I think for me it would take around 2 to 3 years to heal completly.

It should heal become used to new habits within 90 days for sure, but that doesn’t mean u won’t ever have urges, that’s never going to change because at the end of the day we are men and we have nessesities, but I think you can develop healthy masturbating habits or if you are married replace masturbating with real healthy sex habits. Meaning you won’t have such bad urges and you can easily stay abstinent. We are never going to stop masturbating or stop having urges but we need to develop healthy habits, rather than everyday.

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That’s gonna take awhile