How much sperms is wasted

How many sperms are wasted for one time jerking off ?


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I don’t know how much sperm we wasted in one time shot… But I know this it will take almost 70-90days to recover the same amount of sperm.
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Almost 20 to 100 million sperms are present in one ejaculate in a fertile man


Bro, it ranges from 40 million to 1.2 billion, depending on the volume of your ejaculation. Although your body makes millions of sperms everyday, it takes about 65 days for a sperm to mature.


Wow that’s a great amount
What happens after 70 days,?

Average ejaculation volume is 2.5 to 5 ml. It contains 200-300 million sperm. For a man to be fertile, at least 60% of these most be of right dimensions and at least 40% must be of right motility.

Sperm/semen is recycled every 78 days. The body recycles those powerful nutrients.


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