How much do pornstars earn ? Why they do that?

Sex is most private and intimate thing for whichever living being. I don’t think any other animals watch their own beings mating and enjoy. Even with our six senses why can’t we be mature enough to cherish this life without wasting our energy. Humans will not be destroyed by war alone, we will be destroyed internally by this habit. I wish all of us use our energy in productive manner.


Some PornStar come at their will in Porn Industry and Some are come due to unemployment and have no money to survive and some are abducted and forced into sex slave . How much they earn you can research on Web.

Everyone have a sex drive but most important things matter is that when you are having urge some point of time then what was your response and what did you do ? . You have to face the consequences of response ,it maybe be good or bad so choose it wisely and it will shape your life .

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