How much did i lose

So i went to 163 days of nofap…then i relapsed 5 times in one day …after that i went 5 days without porn but then i relapsed 2 times next day…and after that i went to 30 days but then i relapsed yesterday 5 times…so i fapped like 12 times in the past 200 days…from 200 days i fapped only for 3 days…do you think all my progress is lost or is my brain a bit healed ?


Certainly not brother. Success is all about improvement not perfection. How’s there an improvement? You ask. On the surface level there os none but see you went for 200 days then 5 and then 30… it’s actually good, you needn’t sabotage yourself. Just don’t give up and keep moving.


There is a doubt ,if u have anwer?

Will we have to try whole life to get out of it ?

stop worrying about how much you’ve lost.
Start thinking about what you can gain from here on


I m trying from last 8 yrs ,but without any progress, 5 , 7 ,15 , 32 38 , days ,it’s seems impossible brother ,

I don’t know how people do , it’s like a curse for the people in touch with me, i relapsed 4 days in a low ,watched porn after 18 days streak ,

Quitting alcohol, cocaine ,meth, marijuana is easy ,but it seems just the never ending road

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If you have done 38 days you can do more
My first streak was 37 days, and then I relapsed. But I got back up again. I went on for 28 days. Then again I had multiple small streaks. There was a time I came back to 2 days, but I saw a companion of mine who had 30 day streak and relapsed with me. I asked him for a challenge but he declined. And I still kept the challenge from my side - if he doesn’t relapse I won’t relapse either.
He left the forum as far as I know, but I kept my challenge. And took my streak to 200 days.
I relapsed again. Two weeks, then 2 days again. But I came back. Then I had a 45 day streak due to a challenge. I relapsed again and lasted a week. Again after 2 days, and today is my 4th day going on.

What I’m trying to tell you that I’m just a normal guy like you. Nothing special about me since I’m struggling myself. What’s the answer? Fighting with all your might. That’s what I’m trying to do.
I’m cursed too, but I’m not quitting yet. I’m not quitting till the end of my life.


Do you use social media like fb, instagram ,YouTube ,tic tok,
I have totally restricted it ,from last 15 days ,

Are you active in this ?

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I sometimes visit fb and instagram
But it gets boring

I watch youtube a lot tho

Ok that’s gud for u, but whenever i visit any of these platforms i relapsed the say day ,

Thanks brother be in touch, u r story gave me hope​:slightly_smiling_face::+1:t2:

I don’t follow models anywhere

Ok brother, thanks a lot,

The moral of the story is brother ,u have to try ,there r people saying i have quitted porn, so means they r telling lie , from no pmo 10 years any one can relapse also ,

Means once u become addicted there is no way out , self control is everything ,

What a shitty hole we r in ,

And about me ? What I can do try and try and try ,
I was molested when i was 8 , and it fucked up my life ,

Sometimes I think god is so cruel , life is hard very hard

Ok bye

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what is life? simple answer, not your past and definitely not your future, it’s where you are right now.
Know this brother, to get something you never had, you got to do all the things you never did. Stop regretting your past, i know it’s easier said than done you got this. Being delusional about the future is good, everyone should be, that’s what ignites the drive within us to work for our delusions.

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read the book called EasyPeasy

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