How many of us have here same issues?

Well I am suffering from two very common issues connected to porn a and masturbation. Firstly penis numbness, my penis is not that receptive to nice soft vagina after years of hard masturbation with hand which resulted in delayed ejaculation (like 20 min). And secondly my brain is overfeed by porn so even though I find my girlfriend very attractive my penis don’t last that long hard. Those are reason why I am currently suffering performance anxiety and reason I started nofap. And as result of mentioned issues it looks like my gf don’t really enjoying sex as much as before. I had those issues since beginning of relationship but at first she don’t mind. Now she talking about maybe being asexual because of age (we are both over 30). So I am kinda lost here.

My delayed ejaculation is 1h min. Its terrible, sometimes i want to orgasm but i cant reach. And everytime i reach a orgasm i have to force and its not good as masturbation. I hate this

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I told you in your previous post to go for 21 days hard mode but you are here again… are you looking for a quick-Fix ?

In order to heal… you have to go through the process…


We decided with girlfriend to go for no sex July. Hopefully it helps.