How many day it take to recover from shyness

how many day it will take to recover from shyness
how many day body become muscular
and weight gain start


Lol you wont get any weight nor muslces just by nofap…you have to train to gain it…about shyness yeah your brain will rewire itself…but dont expect to suddenly become an extrovert if you stay at home the whole day without talking to anyone and without getting out of your comfort zone

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About shyness…i notice it fade from day 5 or 7…and i have gained some muscles :muscle: on my skinny arms by doing little bit of pushups and other normal exercises daily…started to happen around day 20…but it was gradual and did not happened altogether.

thanku brothers
i have not watch porn sice nov2021
i have totaly revover
and i used to read BhagwatGeeta
now i also going to gym regularly
and study my books 6 hour daily


Oh thats great bro , keep it up :smiley:


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