How long until you feel "normal" again after a relapse?

Guys who have gone on long streaks (e.g. more than two months) and seen the benefits out of it in terms of mindset, e.g. feeling positive/resourceful/relaxed/clear-headed, how long has it taken you after a relapse to get to the same state of mind again?

I think 40 days is a good start to the normality. that’s my best streak so far.


My streak is 188 right now. I would say if you’re just talking about not compulsively PMing, it would be like 30 days. But it’s not all perfect even when you get to 30 days. I for one wanted to beat my head into a wall at 90 or so days, I just felt like straight up trash for a good two weeks. It also made my feelings quite numb. During that time I would think to my self what is point of life. If you’re curious I would tell you what what I found to be the point of life.


Thank you, @Radio, for answering. Although, that wasn’t the answer I was hoping for :grimacing:. It’s been five days since the relapse for me now and I still feel drained and dull, and less convinced about handling certain life challenges than I did before the relapse. I know it’s a matter of time till I feel good again and I shouldn’t beat myself up over what I did, but this feels really crummy inside my body and I was fishing for reassurance that I’ll soon be close to the top of my game again.

TBH, I don’t see any immediate threat of going back to PM’ing - I am not feeling any strong impulse towards that and I feel equipped enough to handle any urges. It’s just that I really want to go back to being who I was, and to avoid taking any lousy decisions while I am in this funk (I already took a couple of dubious calls just because I was feeling generally anxious in the past five days). So yeah, really missing the pre-relapse me.

You are going great with your streak! And yes it would be great to know what you found to be the point of life.

@bluehawk That’s longer than I was hoping for :grimacing: But thank you for answering, appreciate it :slight_smile:

well bro, when I was in my first 7 days I felt hard and many triggers came, but the following days my fighting spirit gradually recovered. I played music seriously, read books and articles, any-do suit my hobbies and interests. Just don’t ever think any PM’s stimulation for first 2 weeks. I believe you can do it! :muscle:


@bluehawk Thanks buddy. Actually I am not feeling any significant urges and my concern was more regarding my mood and energy levels for the sake of being productive, but yeah I think what you said is very useful and I shouldn’t be complacent or let my guard down with regard to PMO.


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Oops, I wrote that first text last night. You start feeling less dull at two weeks, I think. I’ll tell what I found to be the meaning of life after I get back from work today

After 1 week you may feel more solid and grounded again.

After 2 weeks you may feel more free and empowered again.

After 3 weeks you may feel like a strong and independent person again.

After 4 weeks for me is the same as after 14 weeks, most of the differences happen in the first few weeks.


@petrassib Awesome! Thanks for your precise and helpful answer. This makes a lot of sense :slight_smile:

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@adequatemonty I’m a Christian and I realized that so many other Christians don’t understand what PMO addiction is like, so I want to help them understand it and help those with it too. (I’m talking about my purpose I found for my life). I have a few other little purposes of life too, but that’s the main one.