How long should we stay absence from masturbation?

What do you think guys?

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I think masturbation is just throwing your seed away which could be bloosmed into a flower within us
One should only engage in sex with his wife after 25 yrs of age. And then decide for himself that is Sex benefitting me or not ?

Now coming to your question, my answer is


Enjoy guys…

i think my goal is to never masturbate ever again, as long as i have a girlfriend / wife.
i guess if i was single, i would do nofap until i feel that i definitely recovered (1 or 2 years) and then decide again whether or not i wanna masturbate every once in a while. but obviously only for pleasure and not for self medication

There’s no reason ever to mastubate again. We’re addicts so even if we don’t mastubate for a year or two we’re still weak to it.


My back side behind balls is aching a lot. Feels like it will break open.

Any thoughts about it bro. Should I see a doctor

I don’t edge. I don’t even touch my cock. I just study, or walk around, workout in morning. It’s hurting today. Day 9. I used to fap a lot in past, is it because of that. I think it is prostate. No pain in balls. Any suggestion?

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ride it out man this will go away. Your body will regulate it’s self and stop producing as much seamen as it did when you fapped all the time.

Dont let it become an excuse you need to ride it out or it will happen every time you try to stop again


Ride it out or go to a doctor if it’s too painful

Go to doctor if you feel pain there is no secomd thought about it