How long it takes for normal motivation to come back? Pls help

I need to study but I have no motivation even when I open books. I want to study but this feeling in my brain tells me not to study but seek Dopamine from movies and TV series. I have no motivation to get out of bed and I just lay there. Life seems black and white without movies and shows. But I know I have to stay away from triggers.
I’m on day 6 of no PMO.
How long it takes for motivation to come back and life to be colorful?
I’m not talking about becoming addiction free but manageable motivation for daily tasks.


Start by making a time table for studying and try to stick with that time table. Don’t get disappointed if you are unable to follow the schedule but start slowly, break down your study session in smaller parts, try pomodoro technique, study for 25 minutes and then take 5 minutes break. Grab your favorite subject and start reading the most interesting topic in the beginning this way you will start studying. And always push yourself, try to become better than yesterday.


Motivation comes after you do the work, after doing the work you get internal motivation to work more. Internal motivation is helpful, external YouTube videos won’t help in long run.


@NeverGiveup420 See, PMO damages your prefrontal cortex, so you tend to give in to impulses more. The best way to regain it is that every time you feel like procrastinating, fight the urge and work hard. Discipline is a practice. @Consecrator has given good advice. If you’re unable to follow a timetable (if it’s too monotonous) just use Pomodoro technique. A great myth of motivation is that motivation causes action. Like he said, it’s the other way round.

If you’re asking for a specific date, well, I guess around 3rd week focus becomes easier.

Flame on


@Consecrator @Ash_Matt
You are right PMO really damages your prefrontal cortex. Focus is very important for daily life and it destroys it. I will try to make a study routine so discpline may work when motivation does not.

Thankyou very much for your advice. I will try this. Stay blessed you all. :+1:


In starting of pmo we feel a bit bored but it is a process have patience :crossed_fingers:


Also, realize what motivation is. It won’t magically appear because of nofap.
You are motivated if you see that what you do matters ans that it challenges you to the right degree.
If you can’t motivate yourself to study, ask yourself why. What are your goals? Why do you want to study? To what degree do you improve if you sit down and learn one new fact.

Not a single person will be motivated to do something if they don’t enjoy it or if they don’t see a reason why they should do it


Who knows… when it comes … it comes… until then… dont wait… make a habit of study & living life at your will power.

Every habit takes some time. Give next 3 months to study as you gave years to form habit of pmo.
In just 3 months, study would become your habit & automatic motivation to study will come.

Your Life is empty canvass waiting to be painted by you.
Dont wait, start painting now.


@_Motivation… Wow… That’s very motivating. I’ll make study a habit and paint my life without waiting. Thanks a lot :+1:

@neveragaintw well right now… Study is only for upcoming exams and not failing is a quite good motivation. But I do enjoy my study and degree. Thank u very much👍

@LAKSHYAONFIRE yes it’s boring right now. I have to be patient with the process. Thanks for the advice👍

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