How long does it take to reboot/rewire?


How long does it take for someone to reboot/reweire themselves after a PMO addiction? By rewire I mean little to no urges for PMO, the negative effects of PMO are gone and you are independent of PMO.

I know people say the answer is different for everyone and it depends on various factors such as how long you’ve been addicted and how bad the addiction was. So, for those people who are at higher streak (90+ days), let me know your situation; how long were you addicted, how often would you watch porn/masturbate, after how many days sober did you start to feel as if you were rewired/rebooted, etc.

Thanks for the input!

It’s all about how you think of things. You could quit from day one if your mindset is ay okay.
Unfortunately, temptations are very strong and it’s difficult to overcome such urges. I advise you to go for the 90 day mark! That’s the amount of days it takes on average. But let me remind you, urges will still be there. But you can overcome them.
I suggest reading this book:

God bless.


Thanks! I’m currently reading this book. I hear it’s helpful.