How long do i have to wait?

Hi everyone. I am 40 years old, now on the 7th day and it is difficult for me. I sleep not good and in the night it’s really hard. I get horny more and more every new day. Is there a day, when the appetite for masturbation will not increase? Maybe 10th or 15th day? What is your experience?

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There is no such day . Our Brain is hungry for the dopamine , and it will keep giving the urges and withdrawal symptoms so thay we fall into its trap and Relapse…
But after 30-40 days of abstinence , urge to PMO weakens, but remember we don’t have to put our guards down as it can lead to relapse even after a month of abstainence…

Initially days are always tough , but everything will be alright soon , as dopamine receptors begin to regenerate again and the urges eventually go away .STAY STRONG


Ok. Understand. Thanks!

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