How Long Can we Mastrubate? Is there any limit?

I have a doubt . Am mastrubating From 3 years. When I was at the age of 12 . Now I am 15 years. Please help me. Share some knowledge. And motivation

Don’t understand your question. Is it about how long you can last on each fap? Or about how many years you can keep this habit before it turns to an addiction? :thinking:

Or is it about how many times it is healthy to masturbate ie the frequency?

To any of these questions, the answer is the same: fapping is bad for us. It’s addictive, it’s disgusting, it’s weak and pathetic. Don’t do it, or think about doing it.


I guess he means to say
How many times a week or month is it considered to be ok to mastrubate
So just 1 thing
It’s not good to waste ur life energy
Semen is the most important energy of ur body
It takes 80 drops of blood to make 1 drop of semen
It contains vital nutrients
If u would ask me
It’s good to let ur semen out only during sex orelse strictly no
Many monks save this energy
But we are attached to world and there are some pleasures which we cant deny
So sex is fine but in limits
But strictly no to mastrubation
The reason being
In sex to people connect to each other which is healthy for their relation or marriage
But mastrubation requires something to help u to become intimate
It can be porn and imagination
Which are both harmful
Just abstain from mastrubation
I know its gonna be tough but with time
U will feel this excess amount of energy that u will be happy with urself
To retain semen
Wake up early exercise, do yoga and then pranayam , u have kengel exercises ( I might have spelled it wrong just check )
Eat early and b4 sleeping fo sleep yoga which helps in good sleep
Read spiritual books
It is possible to retain this vital energy
All the best every 1
My prayers are with every 1 …


Couldn’t have said it any better myself. :smile::smile::smile:

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Thank you
All the best

Thankyou so much!!!
For Motivation. But I couldn’t control myself I mastrubate day by day I’ve Got so Addicted to this.:sob::sob:.doing it daily. How can I stop mastrubating.

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@IronWill88 , i know you can do this! Don’t think about porn or imaginating sex, don’t often touch your penis, when a strong erection is coming, just let it and doing anything to avoiding urge to do Fap.

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