How far I can go this time?

Hey Warriors,

I just want to say, you guys have dared to battle this fight which is eternally and internally. It’s the most difficult battle where you have to fight with your subconsciousness with your consciousness. Believe me, I tried no-fap and it only last for 24 days, and the second time 11 days. I mean how vulnerable and fucked we’re. Back in 2015, I was in love with a girl and I didn’t tell her that I love her and back then I didn’t fap for fucking 3 months, without knowing that nofap was a thing. It was love that can save us from this addiction. The bonding, brotherhood, to anyone including your dog, cats, and plants. This time I won’t lose I’ll be conscious and aware. Remember the answer is ‘Love’ and your consciousness.

Wakanda Forever🙅🏿‍♂️



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