How does Reboot-day feel?

How does it feel to finally reach 90 days? Do you feel extraordinary changes at the exact day or do you feel a revelation? What have you experienced from day Zero to Reboot-Day?


Well to be honest i haven’t reach 90 days(still in day 5) but from what i read from people who reached 90+ days is that
1_energy levels are really high and they are always energetic never too tired to do something
2_ they have self control now in many aspects of life besides from porn they control their time, relationships with people
And so many other things.
3_they have a clear mind now you know how porn makes a person think of sexual things when they see a woman but now people who reach milestones like 90 days will think of how to get this beautiful woman to be my girlfriend (by using words that is).
4_they are more social. This is true because when i was on day 30 of no fap i was so social that girls that didnt know my name were approaching me and asking me out.


That is a way much better response than I get on reddit

Trust me if you ask a man about something that he loves or is comited to he well tell you a lot or things that will be of great benefit to you that no other man can tell you. But anyway iam glad i helped

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@nagate @BruceLee
These guys can answer you as they have done more than 90 days.

The Reboot time is not a fixed day for everybode It changes according with How much time you are addicted, How deep is your addiction, How old You are… according to Gary Wilson, founder of the site,, "Rebooting refers to removing all sexual stimuli […] Older guys can take eight to 12 weeks and be fine after that. Some of these young guys, aged 20 to 24, take up to two years to fully recover.” take your time And you will feel the reboot


When I recall when I was on day 90 feeling extremely horny, I had lots of ernegy, not sure if it was on day 90 or 100 but somewhere between those days I couldn’t sleep at all which was a nightmare but it was just any other stage now I sleep like a baby mostly :slight_smile: I can’t really remember much on day 90 alot happens when on nofap

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