How does "lust" works?

Hi. I’m here to ask you guys, what’s your point of view of how “lust” works. Please let me know in the comments below


Lust creates the feeling of incompleteness in your body. Like battery creates potential difference in a circuit.



Lust is simply born out of illusionary power of the nature. Lust arises in a person out of ignorance. If a person thinnks of himself as a body and thinks others are also bodies, then such a kind of person remain immersed in lust all the time. Such a kind of person needs the wisdom about himself, who he is, what’s his source, what’s his destination. When that person realises he is spirit soul, part and parcel of God, then lust can do no harm to him. This is how lust works.


Alright, thanks for the replies. You’re comments looks seems… Professional. Well, that’s great. Here are my opinion of how “lust” works. “Lust” has a level system basis. The more p you watch, the more xp you get. And the more xp you get, the level’s going up. The higher the level, the higher xp you need. “Lust” is power hungry. and the p you watch starts to get worse and worse. This is why this app is created. To stop the cycle. To stop the pain.

Lust is purely and simply the prevalence of flesh over spirit. When someone gives in to his desire and pleasures without thinking about the morality and complexity of the spirit (the mind) then arises lust.

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Vous dites la vérité fréré :+1: very true

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Thank you Ash Matt! :slight_smile:

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