How Do You Live With The Discomfort

I just failed to fight the daily battle since day 8. And eventually gave in today on day 10. My mind is always thinking of fapping when i look at women and when i get back home from work. The urge is so strong it bothers my mind. How do you guys put up a fight on that?


Try not to stay at home very long I mean I walk in the morning and also in the night it’s hard in the beginning but u gota rewire your brain .and keep pushing stay away from bed and laptop . Use your mobile only when u need to keep telling yourself I can do it . Avoid triggeres as many as u can it’s gona take time but u gona do it .

I dont give a damn about looking at anyone, because why should I care. That one person is right there in that exact moment and poof! Gone. I will not probaly see her in the future, so why should I care. Tell me whats the reasoning behind staring at women like a creep beside keeping that image later on in your mind for your fapping session. In my opinion this is the one and only “benefit”.

Be laidback, dont be like the guy who sees hot woman for the first time. Youve seen them enough in web lol. I would give a break from looking at hot women, because its a trigger which doesnt help in recovery.

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Thank you guys. I’ll keep those pointers in mind.

U brought up sth i just realized. I’m always spending time on my mobile while lying down on bed. Should replace this habit with something else

also, imagine that. how would the girl feel if she knews that you are looking at her just to see her body. how does she feel if you don’t care about her as a person but you only wanna see her naked. even worse you go home and fap because you have her body in mind. don’t you feel dirty?
( that’s how and why i stopped looking at girls like this).

to the smartphone point. if it is a trigger to relapse or if you spend a lot of time with the phone on the bed -> stop it.
(in general, doing anything but sleeping in the bed is bad -> sleep hygene.
bed should be associated with sleeping and nothing else)

Bed is the den of relapses stay away even u are tired do something else . . It’s hard but if it doesn’t challenge you it dosent change you keep that in mind

There is only one rule Brother :
Your sexual energy rises up
Everytime you say no to your Urges.
This is how you benefit from nofap.

We are a dead piece of meat without our Life Force( sperms)
Dont waste it. You shall be ruined.


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Thanks brothers for sharing those useful tips. The relapse would have been worse if its without you guys.

I would say turn discomfort into your ally. Discomfort is where we learn and grow the most, it’s good for us. Check this out brotha, I think it may assist you.

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