How do you increase your productivity?

How to increase the productivity.?? What do you do to boost your productivity.?? Please share your valuable ideas and tricks to help the beginneers.

I used to multitask a lot. Once because I had the feeling of being more productive but also because it made me awake (I watched a twitch stream, youtube videos, porn, i fapped and studied all at the same time)

I got more productive due to two things

  • quit multitasking. We are not made and absolutely not good at multitasking. Doing one thing at the time is almost always more efficient than doing multiple things at the same time
  • I used to spend 5-7 hrs a day on my phone. I installed quality time and decreased my time on the phone to 30min daily

Well first watch a video to motivate you ex: a video that shows you what will happen if you do this or that like lets say sports and ur health then set a goal everyday a new one cuz in the end you will have so many goals you wont have time to even rest you will be building a strong foundation of your future character its hard at first but if u got what it takes i know u can do it and god bless

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First step is discipline.

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Here’s some advises
1)eat eggs
2)fuck off from social media
3)do not use internet
4)learn to say no
5)do not use eletronic devices like pc, mobile etc
6)do not chill with friends
7)now you have plenty of time to use with ideas & goals.
8)start doing