How do you deal with shame?

I can’t seem to get over this feeling of shame. How do you deal with the shame that’s comes with fapping? Btw i have not relapse

dont watch porn and masterbate
and dont think women as an sex object
do you ever feel sahme by talking to your mother
she is also female but the thing is you dont think bad about them…you respect them
so therefore see every women as mother, sister and good friend
the shyness will ultimately gone away

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Ok I will share one thing.
There a difference between shame and guilt. Shame is a feeling that ‘you are bad’.
Guilt is ‘you did something bad’.
Just understand this it’ll make a difference. You aren’t bad, you shouldn’t be ashamed because you do have a rational part in your brain that keeps trying to get back on track time and again, it’s just the addictive part of your brain that made you do something bad because of which you felt guilt and it can be easily earased once you decide to set yourself free from PMO trap.


Thank you very much… your explanation is very good

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No issues bro :v:, I also heard it from a Terry Crews’ video, I just added a little bit of my interpretation.

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