How do you control your urges?

When it is at its worst, I’ve found that splashing cold water in my face or walking around the house can help me snap out of it.

How do you guys control your urges? Both in general, but also when it gets really hard? (no pun intended). I’d love to hear your suggestions and experiences.


Its fucking Hard to master over ones Urges but not impossible.
Only one Rule Try, Try & Try Again…


Eliminate any alone time you have. Surround yourself with people on the day your alone. Being alone always made me just want to pmo. So when I cut that, streaks were made.

One thing that helps me, is remembering how mediocre pmo feels compared to sex. That’s always stopped me from rubbin one out. Also the fatigue that follows it.

Find a passion aswell. And sharpen the saw. Ive been a photographer for over a year now and I can say that helps the process so much. Place more importance on your dreams, than just a girl.


Unfortunately I forgot how I do that. I simply don’t react to urges & neither I touch dick nor think about it.