How do we Transcend

I always find myself asking the same question time after time again- Why do people do things that aren’t necessarily important for our survival ruling sex out of that equation otherwise we wouldn’t be here but think about this for a moment why do people turn into alcoholics, drug addicts, shopaholics, Porn addicts why perspectives may vary but reasons are the same

To escape from this world of misery for awhile to experience the perks of a happy place that doesn’t exist and forget about everything else (sorry for the mild trigger now snap back) in short to numb ourselves out but my friends let me break it to you when we numb ourselves from reality we are actually accepting our fate, a fate that others have decided for us cause we are no more in control.
Porn isn’t the only criminal here of course he’s not the good guy here but it’s not the only thing to blame think about it is porn the reason we turn into procrastinators or stay depressed or are lonely absolutely no Porn is just an instrument we use to escape reality, to replace all the uncomfortable situations in our lives with the sense of instant gratification/ being rewarded for exactly doing nothing but why do we keep doing it. Well after moving in circles and falling into same patterns for years what i have found out is we are focusing our energy towards the wrong direction. We must focus to put all our energy into building the life we want.
Thrive to improve the quality of our lives.
This will naturally lead our minds away from porn.


Beautiful :leopard::leopard::leopard::leopard::leopard: well said

Thanks man really appreciate that.

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