How do we get rid of triggers?

I relapsed after two days. This time my trigger is lack of sleep. I tried different things like meditation, random scrolls,etc…for couple of hours before I gave up.
How do I manage the triggers? Below are my typical triggers.

  1. Boredom
  2. Lack of Sleep
  3. Stress ( at times I stress eat as well)
  4. Headache
  5. Hot scenes while watching a regular movie.

That’s all I could think of at the time.
Any advice would be of great help!!!


I can approve all of them ✓

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Any tips to survive them?

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Bro… For boredom you have to do work on yourself or do the things that is important…
For lack of sleep do regular exercises every single morning
And why headaches bro what’s wrong?

And when the triggers hit you what you do watching porn or just only masturbate or both???
Then I will suggest you that read the book :
“The porn pandemic” it is only 78 pages and it is available on internet just some kb size…
Read that book… It will aware you why you should not watch porn and what porn effects to your brain…

And another suggestion if the triggers hit you just change your mobile password something so big so that the time period of sence of urgency will become long and your urges stops… or do one thing when you urges hit you just open this app and click on the button “urge”

At first read that book that I mentioned .


Try to do somethibg productive in life.
Spend time with your friends.
Play any outdoor sports.
Do something that exhaust you.
Dont let you mind sit idle


Thanks Buddy! I’ll definitely read this book. Boredom , I managed to handle!

Lack of sleep doesn’t happen too many times. but sometimes due to extended work in the night and cases when I sleep in the afternoon due to exhasutive work in the morning… scenarios like this!

Lack of sleep gives me head aches, extended screentime!!

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From experience, what worked for you? What kind of productive activities?

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You can do anything that makes u happy along side some meditation, yoga, exercise etc.
These things might not make a huge difference immediately but given the time they can change your life drastically.
What really worked for me in this journey was to stop thinking about pmo completely in a good or bad way.
I stopped thinking that i am an addict of pmo and i have to get rid of it, come what may.
I just engaged myself in other task of life and making myself busy, also cutting out all the triggers, for me it is porn.
Im not on fb insta twitter etc.
Have uninstalled YouTube. Use phone mostly to do important stuff or if im getting bored then to check out the amazing posts of community users. These things motivates me a lot.
One more thing that helps me is to follow the users who are on higher streaks. They are really strong motivators always reminding you that this is possible.


Amazing stuff.!! Really useful tips!
To reflect on myself, I don’t use any of the social media as well.
To keep myself engaged , I became a TV/Movie buff.
Hence , I still use my phone for Prime, Netflix and so on…

I workout atleast 1 hr everyday and I kinda meditate every night before I sleep.

I don’t know how but I somehow managed to colive with the addiction? That’s what I think!

I shall follow the high streak posts and try to kill some of my time.
Also have started spending time to read books!!. Hopefully it helps!!


Surely it will help.
Just don’t give up. If you follow this path things are going to get better.

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Guys I relapsed.
There’s a huge mess from my Family. Caused especially by my Mom and I totally lost it.
She fought with me and just went out for a whole night and I had to keep calling everyone just to find her…

She just did it just to stress me out and she enjoys from it. At her age (50+), this is a height of immaturity…

I hope no parent does this to any of their child…

I couldn’t sleep properly, couldn’t work for past 1.5 days , took off from office and I’m totally stressed out…

I’m seriously depressed and It seems like nothing is possible for me now. Serious blow to my self confidence…

Help me how to get up guys…

When I feel the urge I open this forum and I try to read and comment something.

Sometimes I write on my online diary here too.

When it’s in the afternoon I go for a walk or ride my bike.

Thanks @MarkMarte How do you handle family mess? When one of your parents is dysfunctional and just gives you more trouble than anything?

I read the previous message about your mom. It is difficult to give advice for a situation I’m not into.

In my case, if I can afford, I would look for a therapy. I’d try to get in touch with my friends. And also do some exercises.

I would have a serious but friendly conversation with my mom, telling her that if she doesn’t change her behaviour she would only bring problems to herself that you cannot solve as you are considering the possibility of moving away from home. And maybe the therapy could be much more necessary for her.

Maybe if she find a good and healthy occupation…

At first find in your colony and tell your neighborhoods if they found something… Inform everyone and if 24 hours complete and even then your mother not come or found then complain in the police. Ok it is the last resort.

Thanks @MarkMarte for your suggestion! Really helps.

Thanks @Sujay786 . Really helps buddy!

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